Newspaper Project (Syndication for Humans)

Newspaper (formerly syndication4humans)

This project offers a standard and portable way for applications that support XSL transformation to render XML-based documents of types Atom, RDF and RSS.

Project Page (Userscript)

Userscript can be found at OpenUserJS. Name of the project is Newspaper (was Syndication for Humans).


The purpose of this project is integrating a rendering syndication feed mechanism to any web browser.

Supportted Syndications

Atom 1.0
RSS 2.0

Supportted Modules

GeoRSS (Geographical RSS)
iTunes (Podcast)
MRSS (Media RSS)

Authors and Contributors

Schimon Jehuda (@sjehuda), project founder.


If you find an unsupported syndication feed or have a suggestion for improvements, please file a ticket at our issue tracker.